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ebm-papst is the globally leading supplier of motors and fans. By providing optimum application and system solutions to manufacturers of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Ventilation, Heating, Household and Electronic Cooling Equipment, ebm-papst has developed into a global market leader within its specific market segment and has now been maintaining its outstanding position for many years.

Current topic

  • Quiet but powerful.

    Our new compact fan in the 420J range is a particularly quiet and energy-efficient DC fan.

  • Just for once, we’re not thinking outside the box.

    We have made our RadiPac centrifugal fans for air conditioning and ventilation systems even slimmer, even better and even more efficient.

  • Big when it comes to cooling.

    Big cooling tasks need great technology, for example our new W3GZ50 axial fan with a diameter of 1,250 mm.

  • Listen to the difference.

    Our fans are already among the quietest and most efficient in the world. How can we top that? Easily: with the new AxiTop diffuser!

  • Maximum performance with a minimum of noise.

    Have you heard? Our new S-Force II is now 9 dB(A) quieter than its predecessor – whilst still providing full cooling capacity.

  • Controlled environment.

    The hotel is the best place to be – especially if it has the right climate control system. Therefor ebm-papst offers special centrifugal fans for Fancoils.

  • The new power of silence.

    If you have not yet heard of our new diagonal compact fan DV 6300, one reason might be because it is so quiet.

  • Air conditioning and ventilation systems with EC are more than just OK.

    We have made our centrifugal fans for air conditioning and ventilation systems even slimmer, even better.

  • New Benchmark.

    With HyBlade®, an innovative and currently one-of-a-kind hybrid structure, ebm-papst is revolutionising the technology of large axial fans.

  • Heat pump champion.

    When it comes to maximum COP with heat pumps, you simply need GreenTech EC centrifugal fans with high power density. You are looking at a winner!

  • They save you a bundle.

    HyBlade® axial fans - a bundle of advantages: GreenTech EC technology, higher efficiency, longer service life and a quiet operation.

  • Our little genius.

    The new internal rotor BLDC motor ECI 63.xx K4 has something in its head - more accurately put, in its completely integrated K4 electronic module.

  • Heat pump champion.

    Energy-efficient and powerful GreenTech EC fans for heat pumps with maximum COP! You are looking at a winner!

  • The round thing has to go in the rectangular thing.

    ebm-papst centrifugal modules scored the winner once again: The modular design with perfectly configured inlet rings for numerous applications.

  • Climate protection that pays off.

    How are we able to do it? Because GreenTech stands for a conviction that has grown over several decades. You are sure to find it equally convincing.

  • So that everybody can sleep easier!

    ebm-papst developed energy-saving and quiet fans for hotel climate control. Find out more on www.hotel.ebmpapst.com.

Driven by excellent engineering know-how and by responding to special customer requirements in the area of motor technology, aerodynamic engineering and electronics, ebm-papst is constantly setting new standards in motor and fan technology.

Contact us to learn how to design in our fans into your products could dramatically reduce noise levels and power consumption. Our award-winning EC technology is helping the industry to reduce the world’s consumption of carbon dioxid.

Since 2006 ebm-papst has a subsidiary in Dubai / UAE to offer technical support and commercial solutions to its customers in the entire Middle East area. Immediate or short-term supply of fans, blowers and motors are possible out of our Dubai warehouse.